Sunday, 8 April 2007

Red Headed Beauties.

Okay, so i might be scraping the barrel here in terms of 'themes'. However, it has recently struck me how many beautiful, talented red-headed women there are in the music industry. I can think of dozens, straight off. And that's excluding the hot one that was originally in Sugababes (aherm)! So stop sniggering at the motif and get cracking with the downloads...

Neko Case.

Lately, i've fallen in love with country music.
We're not talking Shania Twain here - "I'm not out to become Faith Hill". Rather, alternative-country with real soul, and feeling. Dare i say it, real talent.

Neko Case makes exceptional records, yet she is still relatively unknown. With no less than 5 LP's to her name as a soloist, including one live album, and a string of incredible records with Maow, The Corn Sisters, The New Pornographers, and The Sadies, you really have no excuse to ignore her.

She's epic. You really ought to listen to her.

Neko Case - Blacklisted [mp3]
Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On [mp3]

Rilo Kiley.

I'm in love with Jenny Lewis.
I seriously suspect that if i ever had the fortune of meeting her i would be so overcome by her beauty i'd forget to be starstruck due to her musical talent. And her musical ability really is worth talking about.

Rilo Kiley create the most uplifting, jolly, country-pop.You wouldn't have thought that both Bake Sennett (guitar/vocals) and Pierre de Reeder (bass/keyboard/vocals) both used to be in a goth/hardcore band. No, but really...

Rilo Kiley equate summer for me. Driving along country roads with the windows rolled down (air conditioning? what air conditioning!), cigarette in hand, air dumming on the steering wheel singing to your hearts content. The uplifting feeling is increased tenfold if you have 3 friends in the car riding this wave of good feeling with you.

Go on, listen to something nice and uncomplicated. Something pretty.

Rilo Kiley - The Execution Of All Things [mp3]
Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes [mp3]

Why not check out Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, and Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins if you like this beauty?

Martha Wainwright.

Any child of Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III has simply got to be incredibly gifted musically, right? Correct.

Despite my fears that Martha Wainwright is sometimes overshadowed by her famous parents, and exceptionally talented brother; Rufus Wainwright, Martha is begining to recieve the attention she deserves. It would be very easy to dismiss her, but you'd be wrong to.

Martha's self-titled LP is so subtly underwhelming, so haunting, yet incredibly uplifting and romantic. Her voice is so effortless, complemented fantastically by beautiful backing vocals and delicate harmonies. It's a superb record.

Martha Wainwright - When The Day Is Short [mp3]
Martha Wainwright - Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole [mp3]

Her website.

Beth Orton.

Okay. So i'm cheating with this one. But i've always considered Beth Orton to be this beautiful, dainty strawberry blonde. Surely i cannot be alone on this..?

Beth Orton's voice chills me.
She has an incredibly versatile style that ebbs with ease, unvarnished, unbuffed, just naturally flowing.

I don't have much else to add. If you haven't heard her, you need to sort your life out.

Beth Orton - Safe In Your Arms [mp3]

Visit her online.

Tori Amos.

I stumbled across a Tori Amos 7" in a second hand record shop going for 25p once. I had never heard of her before, but frankly, figured i've spent 25p on worse things (Space Hits cassette that didn't even work, for example - quite a crushing moment) so i figured; why not?

Best 25p i've spend in a long while. Tori Amos is soulful, she's warm, whilst remaining emotionally intense. Her back catelogue is so vast there simply must be something you can enjoy.

Her 9th studio album, 'American Doll Posse' is due to release in the States at the begining of May. Personally, i can't wait.

Tori Amos - Amber Waves [mp3]
Tori Amos - Mrs. Jesus [mp3]


Okay, so i'm cheating a fair bit with Easyworld too. If for no other reason than i always thought Jo Taylor was slightly odd looking. Possibly from her constant frown... Although i always suspected she just looked grumpy for the press shoots. Anyway. It would have been rude for me not to include Easyworld.

Easyworld are one of those bands i can't listen to for long periods of time, because their albums cut me up quite so much. 'Long periods of time' has, in this instance, been well over a year. But by accidently stumbling across their second LP 'Kill The Last Romantic', which showcases a slightly more mellow side to Easyworld, i instantly remember their energy, Dav Ford's delicious voice and their insanely catchy riffs coupled with seriously destructive lyrics. The next two months will be spent listening to very little else...

Any attempt of a write-up i could fumble through could never do them justice. Just listen...

Easyworld - Hundredweight [mp3]
Easyworld - How Did It Ever Come To This? [mp3]
Easyworld - A Stain To Never Fade [mp3]
Easyworld - Junkies And Whores [video]
(the video isn't up too much but it's a wonderful song, and is less ridiculous than the video for How Did It Ever Come To This?)

Easyworld's website.

Next weeks theme; Bears? People with perms? Who knows!

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